Ghost v4 and code injection


Is there a change for v4 with code injections in a post?
I have a site that uses a lot of injections. The pages are broken, but I still did not find an explanation in the changes v4. Besides, I did a test to display a js graph and it works.
Can someone explain to me what has been changed? I read other posts which alluded to pages broken by injections … but I’m looking for an explanation.
Thanks !

There’s no change. Please describe what and how things are broken and any error messages you are seeing in you browsers dev tools, without that it’s not possible to guess at what might be going wrong.

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I won’t bother you if nothing changed in Ghost.
I was wondering as I read some comments on injections.
I use a lot of chart.js, and content that is displayed in js. I’m going to look this way.