Ghost v4 HTML rich editor gone

After upgrading Ghost CMS from v3.37.1 to v4.30.1 on post editing page HTML card can’t rich editing:

v3.37 working fine

v4.30.1 not any tool bar

I have searched online looks Ghost using Koenig editor for HTML, is the editor removed in Ghost V4.x?

That toolbar has never been a part of Ghost. Perhaps you had a browser extension or something that introduced it?

Hello Kevin,

Thanks update. Before upgrading I have did a fully backup, so I still can get v3.37 running. I searched v3.37 Ghost source code, looks HTML card using “Froala Editor” do you know in v4.x how to make HTML card could has WYSIWYG editor?

v3.x source code:

FroalaEditor has never been used in Ghost. Were you running a customised version? There’s nothing built in to Ghost for a WYSIWYG html editor.

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Hi Kevin,
Thanks a lot. Our CMS build by other team, I think it’s a customised version.