Ghost version 3.36.0

Hi, I need to install ghost in azure web apps but I have a problem because I don’t have config.js
Any suggestions?

Ghost hasn’t used config.js since 0.x, you only need a config.{env}.json

Thanks for the answer, I’m using config.{env}.json but I have this problem, You do not have permission to view this directory or page.



If you’re seeing that in the browser, your proxy isn’t configured properly. Something needs to sit between your site and Ghost, and that something needs to send traffic for ghost to ghost

Thanks again for your answer, I’m tryng to publish Ghost Local 3.36.0 to Azure Web Apps.

Hi, Now is running in azure web app:

But when I try to navigate to the URL gives me timeout.

I can’t help you with proxying because I don’t work with Azure web apps :confused:

No problem, thank you very much.