Sign in, Sign up and send magic link gives 500

I’m new to Ghost but decided it should be great for my side project, but so far got some problems with it that I can’t figure out.

I have Ghost installed on DigitalOcean, droplet. Everything works almost perfectly with my domain, SSL is set properly and I’m able to send newsletter emails through Mailgun without any problem. Those are delivered.

But I can’t Sign in to posts that are only for members, I can not add new users if anyone wants to sign up for the newsletter as all the time have 500.

I followed documentation and added SMTP configuration in config.production.json as per this:

Previously been hitting 504 but now 500.
Restarted Ghost and nothing.

What am I doing wrong or don’t see here?
Besides that my Dashbaord says:
Ghost is currently unable to send email. See Configuration - Adapt your publication to suit your needs for instructions.

My Ghost version is 5.5.0

My first post as I’ve been desperate for help but found solution thanks to this post:

Besides that make sure that you don’t copy host details from Ghost documentation. Before, check that correctly with your SMTP setup page on Mailgun website. Mine was instead of

So I come across two issues but definitely port 587 works with TLS.
Now can focus on a theme :slight_smile:

Hope this will help others too.