My ghost website is not sending subscription links

-my website - (For now I have disabled members)
-ghost version 3.1.0 (not using ghost pro, hosting using digital ocean)
-In the access logs (digital ocean) I see a request sent, but no magic link is actually sent to the email address.

I tested this feature with ghost pro (there it works)

Thank you

did you check spam folder?

Yes. It is not there

How did you configure your email in config.production.json? If it’s “Direct” it won’t really work as DO has some anti spam email throttling. You need to add a custom SMTP server (i.e. Amazon or Mandrill or something similar) for this to work.

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Thank you. That might be it. Will try and get back

Hi dsecareanu,

unfortunately it doesnt work
I am using mailgun and updated the config - but nothing.