Ghost Websites Inspiration #2

Hello everyone,

This is the second issue of inspiring websites created with Ghost. Brought to you by Aspire Themes.



ACELR8 offers Recruitment-as-a-Service for high growth companies worldwide. For their Ghost blog, they are using the Sinai theme. The blog interviews software engineers and people from different fields.

Built with the Sinai theme.



Leslie Camacho and Laura Camacho created Glimmering to write and podcast about life, parenting, and remote work. You can feel the personality and the values they create when reading the content.

Built with the Penang theme.


Revenue Management Consulting

Revmanager is a revenue management specialist company. They provide content about finance, pricing, strategy, and much more. I like how they organize the website and I can feel that it’s more than just a blog. The use of static pages, tags, and the team page makes the site organized.

Built with the Nubia theme.

World Class Remote

World Class Remote

Created by Matt Smithies, World Class Remote is a blog for remote developers. He writes articles to help developers build their careers and cope with the hidden stresses that come from remote life.

Built with the Penang theme.

That’s it for today and I hope you find these websites inspiring. Check out Ghost Websites Inspiration #1 for part one of this series.

For more inspiration, you can check out Ghost Inspire. You can also browse and get all the themes at Aspire Themes.

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