Ghost Websites Inspiration #1

Hello everyone,

This is the first issue of inspiring websites created with Ghost. Brought to you by Aspire Themes.

Guideline | On retirement

This blog for Guideline is based on the Melaka theme and I was happy to help them implement the new design. The final design is clean and simple and takes advantage of most of the elements in Melaka. I also like the top part of the topics in different colors.

Production Brief

A podcast website for the advertising production industry.

Built with the Hue theme.

Woman in Revolt

This beautiful website by a filmmaker, Lindsay Pugh. Woman in Revolt is a feminist film blog that focuses on women in front of and behind the camera.

Built with the Sinai theme.

Sticky Lab

Sticky Lab is a website by Erika Block where she shares work and business-related topics. I was happy to assist here with theme customization to match her company brand.

Built with the Penang theme.

Stephen Clements

A personal website by Stephen Clements, a personal coach. He shares many interesting things about coaching and self-discovery. I’m impressed by the website and how he customized the theme and make it amazing.

Built with the Penang theme.

That’s it for today and I hope you find these websites inspiring.

For more inspiration, please check out Ghost Inspire. You can also all the themes at Aspire Themes.

Stay safe!



I like your themes! I might use one of them in a few weeks.


Thank you, Dror! You are welcome!