Re-use the Koenig Editor


I’m extending my blog by adding custom commenting system to the post.hbs in the default casper theme. The idea is to use the koenig editor instead of input and textarea; I want to keep the format of the Ghost editor.

Using Ghost v2.2.2, I’m trying to reverse engineer how you’ve made this possible, in the Ghost Admin, but I’m finding myself drinking way too much coffee. I have time on my hands to do all this :sweat_smile: Is there a way to transform my inputs to use the editor? Im guessing it was not made to be reused or extended.


@SylarRuby Ghost’s editor is not re-usable outside of Ghost-Admin at the moment. We have some future plans to enable it but there’s a lot of work involved in teasing dependencies apart and splitting them out into re-usable components.

Even once it is re-usable it’s likely to stay as an Ember.js addon so probably not well suited to a commenting system. Besides that, it allows free-form HTML which is something you definitely don’t want in a commenting system for security. I would suggest sticking to a textarea with markdown or a lightweight restricted editor.


Tell me about it. I had a hard time getting what I wanted.

I’m now using Trix as Im comfortable with it. Many thanks for your reply!


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