Github Actions : Ghost test fails since 4.6.0

Hello folks,

I’m building Ghost in Docker since a few years now. I do a simple test to see if Ghost is running normal once I built it.

The test is : curl --output /dev/null --silent --head --fail http://localhost:2368

        name: Checkpoint | Run container ghostuat
        run: |
          docker run -d --name ghostuat -p 2368:2368 -e WEB_URL=http://localhost:2368 -e NODE_ENV=production ${{ env.DKR_PREFIX }}:${{ env.VERSION_CI }}
        name: Checkpoint | Wait for container ghostuat
        run: |
          until $(curl --output /dev/null --silent --head --fail http://localhost:2368); do
            echo "waiting for ghostblog container...";
            sleep 2;

Find the CI and the YAML here: CI: update tests · firepress-org/ghostfire@77232cd · GitHub

Any ideas about why it’s not working anymore ?


All good here


But since 4.6.0 this basic test does not work.

Is your site connected to Stripe?

I’d suggest it’s failing to start because you’re running production mode without https, which is no longer supported if you are using Stripe.

hm, does paypal support http? (just interesting)

Hello Hannah!

About, you see screenshots from my CI. At this point, I’m building Ghost from scratch. Meaning Stripe or site owner is not set.

The test runs a a pure vanilla docker image.

I don’t understand why curl --output /dev/null --silent --head --fail http://localhost:2368 loop infinitely since 4.6.0

What I can’t see from the CI is the output from the Ghost boot that would tell us why it hasn’t started :slight_smile:

@pascalandy there was a fix pushed yesterday that I think should resolve the issue you’re seeing (we were seeing something similar in the Ghost-CLI tests)

I agree with you. For some reasons, Github Actions doesn’t show me the docker logs because of this glitch.

I confirm the glitch is resolved since 4.6.4. Thanks for jumping in :slight_smile:
Could you point me to these test you are mentioning. I would like to add them to my CI :-p

The test checks that the CLI is able to install Ghost without any issues. Sounds like you already have that :smiley:

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