Good developer-centric themes?

Hi all. I’m looking to do something fresh with my site and I’m looking for traditional themes that cater well to web developers that focus on sharing source code. I’ve tried most of EckoThemes’ stuff when I was using WP, and I’ve also tried the free stuff on the marketplace. Also not looking for themes built around subscriptions.

Any help would be appreciated!



These would be my suggestions for now:

(this one you should add your own prismjs integration as i did, very easy)

Ultimately, it depends on your style. My site is for tutorials and stuff but with subtle additions i made it functional to show code in a helpful way:

Hope it helps!


Thank you for the suggestions! I took a look at your site and really like what you did. Question, how are people configuring their themes to only show the newsletter sign up but not the pricing tables? Is that a modification you did after installing the initial theme?

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You may have a look our themes also,


Thank you! Hope it is beneficial to you.

You can have a page template just for the newsletter, so you can add people to the free tier automatically. Most of the good themes have that created already :slight_smile: