Google does not index my page

I’m having a lot of trouble getting Google to index my page.

At first, I put my website in private mode. 5 days ago, I made it public.

To this day, it is still not indexed. I went into google search console to try to fix it, and what it tells me is:

“It has been indexed even though a robots.txt file had it blocked”

He only added the main page (but without any information). The other 20 remaining pages are not detected.

The current robots.txt is the default:

User-agent: *
Disallow: /ghost/
Disallow: /p/
Disallow: /email/
Disallow: /r/

Any kind of help??? I’m desperate and I’m not able to fix it.

You need to wait longer. Google puts new websites into a sandbox, you won’t start ranking until Google starts to trust you. Keep an eye on Google Search Console to see your current status, as well as any issues with indexing.

Maybe you are right…

But I fear that I have some problem with robots.txt.

Google literally says: This page has been indexed even though a robots.txt file had it locked.

Furthermore, It only had indexed the main page, but none of the other 20.

Tip: By posting an image of the problem with the text in Spanish, you’ve limited who can help you quite a bit. Generally text (in any language) is better than an image, because we can use translation on it easily. And text in English is likely to be the most readable on a forum that operates primarily in English.

Have you checked your sitemap-posts.xml to see if the posts appear there? If they don’t, you should confirm that you have NOT set a value for canonical URL in the metadata.

I would try asking Google to ‘revalidate’ the page it does have indexed. That usually triggers another visit, during which Google should notice that your site is no longer in private mode.

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Had to send again to google everything thought Search Console.

They had to refresh the last scan they did (when it was in private mode).

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