Google search console error for /ghost/api/v3/content/posts/?key=

Hi everyone,

I’m a bit new to Ghost and I recently ported a project (from Squarespace) over to Ghost hosted on DigitalOcean, I’ve set up Google search console and I got an error on a page URL.

On this URL:

Google search console tells me that it’s indexed, though blocked by robots.txt
Indeed in robots.txt there’s a line with: Disallow: /ghost/

How to fix this error in Google search console?


Hi @samuelzeller,

google is indexing your site and is telling you, that that you blocked this url, because of the Disallow: /ghost/ statement in the robots.txt.
It’s not a problem per se and doesn’t need to be fixed. It won’t affect your website or proper crawling/indexing from google.
Those warnings are mentioned in the search console, so google can give you a notice, when you accidentally disallowed urls from indexing.
Usually you would fix that by adding a noindex meta tag to the according page.

Disallow: /ghost/ is supposed to be in your robots.txt, so that’s correct :+1:

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