Google Indexing API - Ghost Integration

Hi there
I`m completely new to Ghost platform

At the moment we have a blog made with Ghost, and there are some problems with the indexing of new articles posted on the blog.

When checking the availability of articles in Google Search Console - all URLs are available and can be indexed. With manual reindexing all articles are included in the index within 2-3 days, but if you do not do this, you can wait for indexing for a month or even two

I suggested that in order to automate the indexing process I should use the Google Indexing API, so that new pages are automatically sent for indexing

And my question is: are there any ready solutions to integrate Google Indexing API and Ghost

From the Privacy docs:

When you publish a new post, Ghost sends out an RPC ping to let third party services know that new content is available on your blog. This enables search engines and other services to discover and index content on your blog more quickly. At present Ghost sends an RPC ping to the following service when you publish a new post:

RPC pings only happen when Ghost is running in the production environment.

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