Site doesn't show up at all in search results on Google

Hello all,

Created a Ghost site over a month ago but it doesn’t show up at all in search results. Even if I Google the name of a post, the search results will show a result for the facebook link of the post but not the actual website link to the post…very strange.

The site is:

Previously a forum member noted that posts on the site were indexed by Google, but for some reason I can’t find any on Google.

Am I missing something simple?

Please advise, and thanks!


There are only 6 pages indexed from your website on Google. I suggest adding your website to Google Search Console. That’s the best way to find out if indexing is working properly or if there is an issue with it.

Thanks Abhishek, I added it to Google Search Console also about a month ago, and it is showing 17 valid pages. It is just strange that it won’t show up on serps.

Can’t say why you have only 6 results in Google when there are 17 indexed pages as per Google Search Console.

Now I should not comment on it because that’s your website and it is totally up to you to decide what you write, but your website has too thin contents. Some of the articles have just one paragraph. I advise writing longer, meaningful articles to get some love from Google or any other search engine.

That’s good advice, thanks.

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Having your site being linked to by external sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and other websites will also increase the search position. The website is indexed by Google as it comes up when searching “site:”. So now it’s all about SEO