Google Search + Google News - there must be a better way

I haven’t seen much of an improvement since making the change, but haven’t seen any negative impact I can attribute to it either. I still don’t find my articles in News, but my Google search console under News shows a few days with single digit impressions so…still just working trying to crack this code.

The Lever was started in 2020, though I’m not sure exactly when and I don’t know if they have always been on Ghost.

Thanks. I tried dropping that into mine too. We shall see…

And thx for TL info. I’m still waiting to hear back from LION but I’ve asked again.

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Here’s the backstory of how I got onto Google News about 15 months after launch. I would love hear how it’s going for other people: Getting Posts Picked Up In Google News - #9 by Berkeley_Scanner

I have the same problem with my blog, but the sitemap didn’t help me, I was keep getting an “Empty Section” even tough my blog sitemap has posts with the correct format.

I ended up developing a custom solutions using RSS, here is the link to my solution (the blog is in spanish) Envía tus Post de Ghost a Google News vía RSS

Hope this help others with the same problem.