GraphQL examples

I don’t understand this link:

Where am I sending those queries to? I don’t see a GraphQL endpoint in the API documentation.

I agree, it would probably be helpful if we mentioned that GraphQL is built into Gatsby and link to some docs about how queries in Gatsby work!

@DavidDarnes can you help? :slight_smile:

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Hey @elijahsgh :wave:
I’ve gone ahead and adjusted the wording in our docs to provide more context. Thanks for highlighting this!

If you need any more info on using Gatsby with Ghost and GraphQL just ask :blush:

Oh, I see now. Thanks for updating that. I wasn’t making the connection that GraphQL was provided by the Gatsby source plugin. I thought it was “out of the box”.

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That’s right @elijahsgh. Gatsby itself has an API that uses GraphQL to pass data from the content source to the React components. Gatsby has a large selection of ‘source plugins’ which expose data, such as Ghost, that you can use directly in your Gatsby project.

One of the benefits to this is that you can use multiple sources with Gatsby. Alongside your Ghost plugin you could be sourcing content from Markdown files, Instagram and more! :fire:

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