Utilizing GraphQL in approach to Admin API

I’m a little lost in the woods related to the API playingfield.

So I see there’s a GraphQL option to approach the Content API, which seems intertwined with Gatsby.

But what I really want to learn is weither it is possible to approach the Admin API, through GraphQL, and ideally without the use of Gatsby. I understand that Apollo should be utilized but I’m not really 100% confident this works in the same way as the ContentAPI does. On the documentation it all relates to Gatsby. So I’m a little confused on how to approach this.

Any insights would be very welcome.

Hey @Havoc :wave:

Ghost doesn’t have built-in support, but here are a couple resources to get you started:

Hey @vikaspotluri123, thanks for your input :raised_hands:

So that’s what I’ve ran into and have questions about.

I want to use Ghost to provide me an interface to deal with the entities I have in my front-end. Entities I also want to be able to edit at the front-end. The Content-API doesnt seem to provide in this, since its read-only (or is there another? or is ‘Ghost API’-naming being interchanged with the Content API)? The whole BREAD (browse, read, edit, add, delete) endpoints don’t seem to apply to the Content-API.

So could someone confirm the accuracy of my train of thought as followed:
Fundamentally I just want to have a React.js front, with a Ghost CMS back-end. Communicating through GraphQL. But the same GraphQL features are not present for the Admin-API as they are for the Content-API. So I’ll have to wrap the Admin-API myself as instructed for example here.

Is this the right approach? Am I missing anything?

Any help on clarification is much much appreciated as I dont have a wild amount of experience with any of the technologies described. I know my way around React.js though.

Ps: Tiny deviation on the question at hand, but to host any form of Ghost, i would always need a server/terminal interface to run it? I have a shared-hosting space, but without a SSH-terminal. Creating a build (much like create-react-app), and just uploading that through FTP is not an option I understand?

This is correct :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Ghost itself does not provide a GraphQL endpoint for either, they’re community supported. So either way, you’ll have to have a GraphQL proxy which you hit.

It might be possible to work around not having one, but that’s well off the officially supported method