Gulp stuck on “Starting 'hbsWatcher'” when running Ghost Casper theme locally

I am trying to run the Casper theme locally. Per the docs I ran yarn install successfully but when I run yarn dev it gets stuck. Here are the logs:

$ yarn run dev
yarn run v1.22.4
warning casper@3.0.6: The engine "ghost" appears to be invalid.
warning casper@3.0.6: The engine "ghost-api" appears to be invalid.
$ gulp
[01:03:02] Using gulpfile ~\Documents\workspace\casper-hps\gulpfile.js
[01:03:02] Starting 'default'...
[01:03:02] Starting 'css'...
[01:03:06] Finished 'css' after 4.38 s
[01:03:06] Starting 'js'...
[01:03:07] Finished 'js' after 692 ms
[01:03:07] Starting 'serve'...
[01:03:07] Finished 'serve' after 9.81 ms
[01:03:07] Starting 'cssWatcher'...
[01:03:07] Starting 'hbsWatcher'...

It gets stuck on Starting 'hbsWatcher'.

I am getting the same result on both my Windows 7 and Windows 10 PCs.

Any ideas what could be causing this?

Note: I made a post on StackOverflow with this question before I found this forum. I’ll make sure to update both if a solution arises.

I assume it’s not stuck. Instead Gulp just started 2 watchers (cssWatcher and hbsWatcher) and waiting for files to be updated. When you update .css or .hbs file, those watchers will work respectively and do tasks such as auto-prefixing, live-reloading etc.


Ok yes that is correct. I was expecting a success message. When I change the .hbs file the console shows it being compiled. Thanks!

Having the same issue, except my files aren’t getting compiled.


And now I found why. I was using node version 16.1.0 while ghost only supports version up to 14.15.0.

Told nvm to use v14.15.0 and restarted ghost, then ran “yarn dev” again, now it’s compiling as it should.


Nope. Apparently it only compiles once, at starting of yarn dev. The “css” task runs but
watcher seems to be lost. I’ll take a look at the gulpfile and see if I’ve got something misconfigured. However I can’t remember changing anything there.