Gulp stuck on “Starting 'hbsWatcher'” when running Ghost Casper theme locally

I am trying to run the Casper theme locally. Per the docs I ran yarn install successfully but when I run yarn dev it gets stuck. Here are the logs:

$ yarn run dev
yarn run v1.22.4
warning casper@3.0.6: The engine "ghost" appears to be invalid.
warning casper@3.0.6: The engine "ghost-api" appears to be invalid.
$ gulp
[01:03:02] Using gulpfile ~\Documents\workspace\casper-hps\gulpfile.js
[01:03:02] Starting 'default'...
[01:03:02] Starting 'css'...
[01:03:06] Finished 'css' after 4.38 s
[01:03:06] Starting 'js'...
[01:03:07] Finished 'js' after 692 ms
[01:03:07] Starting 'serve'...
[01:03:07] Finished 'serve' after 9.81 ms
[01:03:07] Starting 'cssWatcher'...
[01:03:07] Starting 'hbsWatcher'...

It gets stuck on Starting 'hbsWatcher'.

I am getting the same result on both my Windows 7 and Windows 10 PCs.

Any ideas what could be causing this?

Note: I made a post on StackOverflow with this question before I found this forum. I’ll make sure to update both if a solution arises.

I assume it’s not stuck. Instead Gulp just started 2 watchers (cssWatcher and hbsWatcher) and waiting for files to be updated. When you update .css or .hbs file, those watchers will work respectively and do tasks such as auto-prefixing, live-reloading etc.


Ok yes that is correct. I was expecting a success message. When I change the .hbs file the console shows it being compiled. Thanks!