Problem with "subgrunt:watch" when I try to modify the CSS of the Casper theme


I set up Ghost locally,
When I run “yarn dev” in Ghost/current, I get one mistake:

Running "subgrunt:watch" (subgrunt) task
Warning: The "core/client" directory is not valid, or does not contain a Gruntfile. Use --force to continue.
Aborted due to warnings.
>> Error: Command failed: grunt subgrunt:watch

If I change something in the CSS, I get “Completed in 0.000s at Sun Jan 05 2020 00:25:30 GMT+0100 (GMT+01:00) - Waiting…”

But nothing changes on the front, could it be the error?

It seems like you’re trying to make changes to the admin client. If that’s the case, you need to install from source, rather than use the built release

Thank you for answering.
No, I’m just trying to test to change a color on the Casper theme, on the front.

Aah, in that case, you need to run yarn and then yarn dev in content/themes/casper :slight_smile:

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Oh, #fail, thank you very much!