Haihara theme navigations not working

Two bugs with the Haihara-master theme:

Neither the navigation arrows on the top right nor the three links below in the FEATURED section are working.

None of the published pages appear in the navigation hamburger stack on the very top right corner of the page.

After searching incessantly through your documentation and twiddling every knob I could find in the dashboard, I cannot seem to activate either feature.

It looks like the Haihara theme is made by Haunted Themes. Have you tried reaching out to them for support?

It also looks like the theme hasn’t been updated in a while. Which version of Ghost are you on?

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Thank you for the reply! I just sent them an email and posted to them on another forum topic. Fingers crossed.

We are hosted by Ghost(Pro) so I assume that we are using the most current version of Ghost.

Since the theme is featured in the Ghost.org marketplace, it seems logical that they should stay current with its maintenance.

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