Haunted Themes Expert?

Hey guys,
Has anyone tried contacting Haunted Themes? These folks > Haunted Themes
I filled out the form I think like a week ago and have not heard back.

BUMP :) 20 characters :)

Hi @Crypto_Fireside ,

Can you send another email, please. I will reply to it asap. We have a lot of active projects right now and maybe we somehow missed it.

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No worries, ill send you a direct email from your website :slight_smile:

Hello and thank you for creating HAIHARA–such a lovely theme. However there are two bugs:


Neither the navigation arrows on the top right nor the three links below in the FEATURED section are working.


None of the published pages appear in the navigation hamburger stack on the very top right corner of the page.

Your theme is featured on the Ghost.org marketplace. Are you able to address and correct these issues?