Hard code vimeo gallery based on kg-gallery style


I am trying to find a way to include a video gallery instead of listing the video below each other.
So I thought I would use the kg-gallery style images but link them to a vimeo video to show that video as a lightbox. Anyone has any experience with this? Or any tips on how to do this?

Or are there other video gallery plugins/styles developed?

If it’s a small number of videos and you don’t need a very fancy layout, you could just style that section with flex or grid. My big trick for tweaking layout for parts of the content is to create an html card before and after the content. The first contains something like:

<div class="classname">

and the second has


Then I can use some code injection (or one of the HTML cards to write styling for .classname that changes how the contents are laid out.
That lets you use the Ghost editor for 99% of the post, but access the HTML functionality where you need it.
Note that this approach currently only works on posts created with the old editor. It doesn’t work currently with posts created with the beta editor.