Kg-card in instagram posts and vimeo videos

The first time I tried to post with ghost, I had a little problem: the instagram card wasn’t scaling horizontally. So I corrected this by changing the kg-card css class height and everything worked out fine.

Now I tried to post with a integrated vimeo video and I saw that the post is coming out with the same class: kg-card and its buggy because of the previous fix done with instagram card.

I could probably make a hacky fix using javascript but I really don’t want to do that.

Is there any way to add the application name, like kg-card instagram and kg-card vimeo to the respective card without modifying the source code?

Thank you very much!

Pss: I freaking LOVE ghost <3

@Michel_Calheiros there is no differentiation between instagram and vimeo on the server-side, both are embed cards and Ghost doesn’t know what is displayed in them in order to add a “vimeo” or “instagram” class.

Which theme are you using?

I’m developing a theme for my friend.
Take a look:

I will keep trying to adapt the kg-card to fit in my posts, but help would be appreciated.