Has anyone used isotope for dynamic filtering (without url reloading) on ghost?


Filter & sort magical layouts

Im thinking about giving it a shot this weekend. I mean trying to use it on my ghost website to filer posts without reloading the webpage. https://isotope.metafizzy.co/

Has anyone used this library on ghost?

Check out Pixel & Kraft’s “Blockster” theme from 2015 – it rocks lots of isotope behaviors. I bought that theme and updated and customized it for my needs. You can see my modded versions on my sites at https://trickery.ghost-o-matic.com and https://poppery.ghost-o-matic.com (play around with the icons and buttons in the left side menu for some cool isotope effects.) The main difference is that the “poppery” one opens each post in a modal popup.

Gee, i think that might be exactly what i am looking for. Do you think that theme works with ghost 2.25.X? It does say on their change log: " * 2.1.3 — Compatibility changes for Ghost 0.7 and greater"
but maybe they have not updated that change log for years.

I can confirm that Blockster is not compatible with v2. I bought Blockster a few months ago and soon after that I contacted the makers. My impression is that they are too busy and won’t be updating it any time soon, if at all.

It was a bit of work, but I was able to update it. So what you do see on my sites is Blockster updated for the latest version of Ghost, with some additional customizations.