FacetWP in Ghost CMS

Hi, I would like to know how to implement a feature similar to the one I currently have with FacetWP, a filtering plugin in WordPress. It enables us to filter posts in various ways. How can I achieve this in Ghost CMS?

If I choose a color or fuel type, it will display posts that have those tags. In the admin panel, we have the ability to assign different categories to each post.

another question: where can i find 404 pages log in ghost?

You could work with tags here, but honestly, that’s a bit of a hack, since the concept of custom fields/data doesn’t exist in Ghost like it does in Wordpress.

If you add tags like “color:green”, “fuel:diesel”, etc. to a post, these would be available through the Content API to any theme. All you’d then need to do is implement logic in that theme to filter through them. Here some more on filter expressions in themes: How to Use Ghost Filter Expressions | Bright Themes

Keep in mind that tags might also be used in different capacities, depending on the theme you’re using – so something like this is fragile and really depends on how you use Ghost.

In regards to the 404 errors, you would find these in your server logs with ghost log: Ghost-CLI - A fully loaded tool for installation and configuration


thanks for your reply. I’ve understood the limitation of ghost on this. and we can mark this discussion as answered

i want to add a another reference link something that i was expecting, hoping someone would build something similar to this.

I am revisiting this thread and would like to ask another question regarding it. If Ghost has limited search capabilities, is it feasible to go with Algolia using a custom search page with functionality akin to the one showcased here: https://developers.cloudflare.com/search/#t=Docs?

We might need to apply multiple preferences for filtering, such as car make, model, fuel type, color, and so on. Filtering is all i need :face_with_head_bandage:

Edit: I think it is possible to use algolia search and achieve this. but where do need to declare attributes as suggested in their docs?