.hbs files don't sdeem to be updating?

Hi all,

I am trying to make a customised version of the free “ruby” theme of Ghost.

I have “npm run dev” running and it is watching for file changes. If I am changing css files, the changes are working fine, they reflect on my blog.

But if I am changing .hbs files, despite the watcher picking up the changes and running, it doesn’t actually seem to be changing anything!


I am running the official ghost:latest docker container on Ubuntu 22.04.

Hopefully someone can help! I am pulling out hair at this point because it doesn’t seem like a file permissions thing as the css is being updated, so why not the .hbs?

Did you add new .hbs files? Stop and restart Ghost. That’ll probably fix you. :)

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Indeed, thank you! @Cathy_Sarisky

sudo docker-compose down

and then

sudo docker-compose up -d

Worked! I feel silly for not trying this first. Thank you for your help!

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