Header card improvements - Ghost Changelog

The improved header card in the editor now gives you even more power and flexibility to create beautiful pages and posts.

Now with new layouts including small, wide, full, and side-by-side, you can create drastically different headers for your content.

Full-width header cards are also stackable now, allowing you to build dynamic landing pages, like this:

Ghost(Pro) users can log in and start enjoying all of this right away! If you're a developer, self-hosting Ghost, you'll need to update to the latest version to get access to everything that's new.

The updated header cards are available to those using our new Beta Editor. Any header cards that you have previously created will remain unchanged.

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Does this need to be enabled in the theme or something? I’ve not really been seeing anything change in the beta editor.

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laughing I literally JUST sat down to write custom code to do the side-by-side thing. Guess I’ll update Ghost instead. :)

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I have two wishes:

  1. Option to have images be set to contain instead of cover. No biggie for me, as I can write the code injection, but it’d stop this guy from getting cut off at some screen sizes:

UPDATE: OK, so there’s a button at the top of the image near the trash can that I missed that accomplishes exactly this. Thanks Ghost team, and nice job!

  1. The ability to have multiple paragraphs in the “subheading” area. I’d love it if that area behaved more like the product card’s “description”. Sometimes I just need more room for advertising copy…

I found its just a separate card to add. I noticed the floating box to edit the properties for the card can sometimes float off of the screen. Will have to play with it some more but looks nice.

Not exactly separate paragraphs but the subheading content area does support line breaks which can be used to separate pieces of text. As per the main editor Shift+Enter inserts a line break (<br> tag).

Thanks for the tip! I’ll try it!

Not sure I follow what “separate card to add” means as it appears to offer the option to modify the existing header (presumably the featured image?) not just inline images. Anyone have examples/screenshots of how to use this?

I’m not sure what @disgustipated meant, but if you want some examples, I built a whole landing page with the new card. https://www.spectralwebservices.com (DISCLAIMER: not done! Lots of broken links, and I might switch my theme again… But that landing page is “close” anyway…)

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For some reason I expected them to be something like a replacement for the header image. I see how they can be used now though. Some themes I see with this sort of thing have the images in the background stay still or scroll at a different rate while scrolling, that would be cool to see too.

There is an issue in that they do not get to choose their newsletters as they get to with the regular form. Please fix that and I will be happy with this update.

I’m using the Solo Ghost theme. I reinstalled it, and I do see where to add header cards, but I’m not seeing the side by side option. What am I missing?

Nm. I think I figured it out. I have to make a whole new page, it looks like, in order to use these newer features. Is that just me? Kind of annoying to have to replace all my old pages with new ones.

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Your old pages were probably built in the old editor. They don’t currently get converted.

Yes that was the case. I’m playing around with rebuilding them in the new editor. So far…it looks really good on my computer but not mobile friendly at all. So that’s kind of a fail!

The latest release, v5.61.1, claims that will convert existing posts to the new editor when the new editor is enabled. I haven’t tested it.

Is it possible to use the header card at the top of the page as a post or page title?

For example on a page like this?

You can turn off the title and feature image for pages (only pages, not posts) opened in the beta editor. Then you can add a header card.

Your link didn’t come through, so I’m not sure if that’s what you’re asking or not?

This page:

It turns out my theme doesn’t support turning the header off. I didn’t realise that was theme specific.

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