Header cards - Changelog

Make a statement with bold section headers in your posts and pages.


Insert a header card to add a full width divider that can include a title, subheading, accent color or image background, and a button. Now you can create visual section dividers, or add a big call to action:

Media uploads, toggles, products, GIFs and more...

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I like it a lot, but the CSS !important tag throws an AMP error in the Google Search Console: “Usage of the !important CSS qualifier is not allowed.” This affects more and more pages on latest version Ghost blogs everywhere each day. Looks like the offending code was added in v. 4.31.0.

Fix coming next release:

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Love the new header card!

That said, I’ve been having a few issues with it working with the table of contents. Firstly, for a header card, the primary title text is an H2 instead of an H1. And secondly, the header doesn’t provide an id for the table of contents to link to.

Is there any way I can fix these two issues?

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