Header only visible to logged out visitors

Im very dissapointed by the HEADER new functionality.

One of the biggest issues I face is that the header is only visible to logged out visitors.

I use the header as my LANDING PAGE. I want it to show 24/7, even to existing members.

Is there a way to enable it to be shown ALWAYS?

I think this is about the Source theme (in landing page mode), not about the header cards in the post editor, right?

So you would want the hero section to stay, but probably for the sign up box to disappear?

I don’t remember off the top of my head whether the theme uses css to make that section hidden, or whether it actually doesn’t write that section out at all.

Are you able to edit your theme or do you need a code injection solution?

Sorry, I’m talking about the header cards in the post editor.

I made a landing page for the newsletter, and I would love to have the header card shown ALWAYS.

PD: I thought of a solution. Create a new tag for newsletters. Cpy/paste the code for the grid articles from the template, and transform the page in a “tag” page.

Doing it that way I make sure the page is not empty when a logged user visits it.

Header cards /are/ always visible. Unless you meant sign up cards?

Yes, I’m sorry. I was talking about sign up cards (because I’m building a landing page for a newsletter, so I need people to sign up).

Ah. But if they’re already a member, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to show them a sign-up card. Are you wanting to prompt members to sign up for the newsletter specifically?

It’d be cool if we had a card that let members modify their newsletter subscriptions. The workaround at this point is to write some custom code. This is a site I’m working on this week:
Logged in users see:

Web visitors/non-members see:

But that’s a custom template, unfortunately not a sign-up card. :frowning:

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