New bug when using HEADER layout with images in mobile

Hello, I was browsing today and something strange happened.

The image used in the layout is out of the screen, and the black background is also not in place.

1 month ago it was working perfectly.

Did You change somethink during this one month?


I have not touch anything.

Could You give us href to your site?
It’s looklike those badges on screen are not mobile friendly.

Live link please? This could be a change in how the ghost core generates the html, but could also be a theme-specific problem. Or a new interaction between the two. Seeing it live in your site will help with the diagnosis!

That super wide button with the text is at fault. Try:

.kg-header-card-button {
  white-space: prewrap!important;

(Ghost buttons are set to not wrap by default, which works OK until you put on huge text, and then things break…)

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