Headless Serving Multiple Ghost Themes/Sites

My URL is: https://Ghost-O-Matic.com
My version of Ghost is: 2.x (latest release)
I have installed the common Default configuration, and am using multiple pre-made themes.

My challenge/question is:

As Ghost is a “headless” backend, I would like several of my sites which all are using Ghost (Handlebars) themes to share the same database, so that I am presenting my one collection/database of content on several separate domains (or subdomains of one domain).

It seems that this should be a simple matter, since all of the themes are already Ghost themes…

I’m wanting to provide demos of existing themes, for which I am building sub-themes and updating old abandoned themes for compatibility with Ghost v2.

Any ideas would be very appreciated!!

Hey @denvergeeks!

Using Ghost as a headless CMS would be the ideal way to supply the same content feed to multiple sites. When you use Ghost in this way you swap the handlebars theming engine for your own front-end, for example a Gatsby front-end. The drawback for you to using something like Gatsby is that you wouldn’t be able to re-use the code from your original Ghost themes.

However you might be able to re-use some of the Handlebars.js code with a front-end based on Eleventy. Eleventy is compatible with Handlebars which may make things easier when transitioning from the Ghost theming front-end. I’ve written an article on how to use Eleventy with the Ghost as a headless CMS if you want to take a look.

Switching to Ghost as a headless CMS and your own custom front-end gives you a lot of options, one of which is feeding content into multiple sites.

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Love your post!

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