Using Ghost as Headless CMS with Eleventy - theme

Hi All,

I’m a newbie trying to use Ghost as a headless CMS with Eleventy following this post

which in turn suggests me to clone this repo

I have a local Ghost install, from which Eleventy pulls a static website. I have successfully managed to create a post and update it, and both the post and its update are visible using yarn on the static website. So I am sure the “starter” worked.

I am now trying to change theme in the local Ghost install. It seems, however, that the new theme is not updated in the Eleventy-generated static website. If I generate new posts, they are still updated, but using the old theme.

Am I missing something? I thought I could use the local Ghost install also to manage my theme, no?


No. Apparently “headless” in this context means that eleventy does not use Ghost templating. Ghost is supplying post content and metadata.

Unfortunately the answer is buried in a closed Github issue:
“This Eleventy starter is for when you want to use an external front-end stack outside of Ghost”.

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Hey! Sounds like you got things working, but just had a misunderstanding of how themes relate to using static site generators with Ghost. Theme switching in Ghost is for the handlebars theming front-end. When you use a static site generator with Ghost you’re using the Content API to supply posts and pages to the static site generator. There’s a good explanation here of what a headless CMS is:

Thanks, that exactly what I had missed.

Yes, I understand now, thanks.

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