Headless CMS using Ghost theme and Different Content Server

Hi everyone,

I’m looking to separate the Ghost admin portal from the content. I’m aware of the JAMstack examples, notably Working with Eleventy and understand you can use Ghost as headless CMS…but can you use Ghost as a headless CMS with a theme from the Ghost marketplace deployed to a separate server?

What we have right now:

  • AWS EC2

    • Ghost content using professional theme from the Ghost marketplace served at: https://subdomain.mydomain.com
    • Ghost admin portal also served from the same url: https://subdomain.mydomain.com
  • Ghost database using AWS RDS MySQL

What we’re looking to do:

  • Deploy static Ghost content (using the same theme mentioned above), to a different server: https://myotherdomain.com


  • We currently have published Ghost content served from a single EC2, but would like to move to a serverless content server for better scalability, e.g. CDN caching (AWS CloudFront) and file storage (AWS S3).

Any help is much appreciated,

Thank you!