Headline - Tag name is not showing in html on Collection page

Im using Headline theme

I’ve got a problem with display tag name (H1 html tag) on /documents page.
When I uncomment {{#tag}} tag name is disappear both from /documents page and also /tag/{tag_name} page.

My tag.hbs file:

<main class="gh-main gh-outer">
    <div class="gh-inner">
        {{!-- {{#tag}} --}}
            {{#unless feature_image}}
                <section class="gh-pagehead">
                    <h1 class="gh-pagehead-title">{{tag.name}} {{plural pagination.page empty='' singular='' plural= "- Page %"}}</h1>
                    {{#if description}}
                        <div class="gh-pagehead-description">{{tag.description}}</div>
        {{!-- {{/tag}} --}}
        <div class="gh-topic gh-topic-grid">
            <div class="gh-topic-content gh-nonfeed">
                {{!-- <div class="gh-topic-content "></div> --}}
                {{#foreach posts limit="all"}}
                    {{> "aleo-tag-loop-grid"}}

My routes.yaml looks like this:

    permalink: /documents/{slug}/
    template: tag
    filter: tag:documents

I changed a little tag.hbs and routes.yaml

  • Uncomment {{#tag}} tags
  • Change H1 for
 <h1 class="gh-pagehead-title">{{name}} {{plural ../pagination.page empty='' singular='' plural= "- Strona %"}}</h1>
  • Change in routes.yaml into:
    permalink: /documents/{slug}/
    template: tag
    data: page.tag
    filter: tag:documents