Headline Theme Adjustments


I need some help doing a few adjustments in the Headline theme. I would like to change the footer color. I thought that I found where it needed to be adjusted in the screen.css file, but it did not appear to change anything when I changed the color code.

I also want to adjust the order of the primary tags as they appear on the home page. How do I adjust this?

Thank you

Many themes (I think including Headline) need you to run ‘gulp’, which produces a .min.css file including all the styling. It’s not too bad to set up your computer to do those changes locally, but you could also use code injection. I highly recommend code injection for a small color change - that way if you update the theme in the future, you don’t lose the change. :slight_smile:

Headline takes a list of primary tags to include on the homepage. That setting is under Ghost Settings (hit the gear to get there), then Design, then look at the options on the left for a Homepage accordian that opens up. If I remember correctly, tags listed there will show up in the order listed. If you have that section blank, the theme is currently showing your tags in order form most to least used, but you can control that by filling in that custom setting.