Re-order tags in homepage

How can I reorder the tag sections on my home page using the Headline theme on a Ghost hosted site?

It drives me crazy the only two tags I do use come in the incorrect order according to how I want it to be.

Headline takes a list of tags that you want on that page. (It’s in Settings > Design > Homepage.) I /think/ it displays then in the order they’re listed. If it’s currently guessing because you didn’t fill in that field in the admin panel, that’s your problem. :)


Thank you so much. I totally did not get that is what those selection of tag slugs were aimed for :laughing::see_no_evil: Now it all make sense :v:t2::hear_no_evil:

Oh good! Yeah, Headline tries to take sensible guesses if you don’t fill them in, but you’ll get much closer to what you want if you do. :) Happy Ghosting!

Can I put more slugs into one section and if so how do I separate them? :upside_down_face:

Found the way to enter tags in another post

Tag1,Tag2 etc