Article Links Not Directing to the Right Page

Hey fellow Ghost users,

I’ve encountered an issue with my website, When people find my articles on Google and click on them, they end up on my homepage rather than the specific article they were looking for.

How can I ensure that clicking on an article in search results takes users directly to that article?

I’d greatly appreciate your help and insights on this matter. Thanks a lot!

If you don’t already have your site in Google search console, you should set that up and make sure that the posts are getting indexed (including submitting your sitemap).

You don’t have a lot of control over which of your pages Google thinks is the best match, but if it’s indexed the post, it should usually choose that!

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I have submitted a sitemap but the sites have not gotten indexed.

Yep, so that’s why Google is taking searchers to the wrong page - it hasn’t yet indexed the right page. Give it a week, as long as you aren’t seeing errors. The Google bot should be back to index anything marked “discovered” but not yet “indexed”.

It still does not work yet

So what does Google Search Console show? Are the pages indexed? If the pages are not indexed, take a careful look for problems that might indicate why.

They are not indexed

Right. So are they marked ‘discovered’, or what?

And can you please check that your posts show up at /sitemap-posts.xml?