Help w/ block quote accent colour in Casper theme (dark)

I wondered if there’s an easy way to modify the default black color of the vertical accent color on a block quote on Casper. The black color is barely visible on a dark background…

I think that should be your accent color from Settings > Design > Brand > Accent color.
If you want to keep that black for the light version, and only change it for the dark, then you can try this in code injection:

<style>html.dark-mode { --ghost-accent-color: #8a2be2; }</style>

Thanks a lot, it’s very useful. I wonder though if I can only change the blockquote accent color or if they’re all linked together :face_with_monocle:

Sure, you can target the quote elements only:

<style>html.dark-mode blockquote { --ghost-accent-color: #8a2be2; }</style>

Yes!! Just perfect! :heart_eyes: