Help with code injection regarding headline theme

Hello! I am VERY new to coding and I see some incredibly useful help on this forum and I wanted to ask some of my own. I am on the “headline” theme and wanted to remove the “powered by ghost” on the footer. My previous code for the casper theme did not take. My last question was how to change the word “Latest” on my website to another font (my website: Thanks so much!

Removing the “Powered by” message is a bit tricky, you have two options (besides editing the theme files):

  1. Removing the entire copyright by adding this in code injection:
.gh-copyright {
    display: none;
  1. Replace the content with javascript by adding the in code injection > site footer:
document.querySelector('.gh-copyright').innerHTML = 'The 77th ©'

Regarding the font family, you can target the element like this:

.home-template {
    font-family: serif;

The above will use the system font serif, if you want to use a specific font you’ll have to add font face rules to make it available then set the font family.