Help With Frequent "Error 504" for Self-Hosted Ghost Installation

So I’ve noticed that my Ghost blog gives off the “Error 504” error way too frequently.

While the blog has been set up since January, we’ve only recently opened it for public access.

The Error 504 has been ever-present since set up. The issue typically goes away once I update the latest Ghost version. However, I doubt it’s a version problem, because I see many Ghost blogs that still run on Ghost 3.x.

What are your thoughts?

Here’s some info about our setup.

  • URL:

  • Ghost version?: 4.12.0

  • Ghost configuration: Self-hosted on DigitalOcean. We use the $6 droplet.

Ghost is eating your entire memory of 1GB and once/twice a day the entire CPU. Thus this error I am looking for the solution, at the moment I just restart the droplet from console and it runs for the week or so and comes back to the normal timeout issues.

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I guess you need to add a swapfile. see here how to.

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