Help with tags for channels

I’m trying to create channels using tags.

I have set up a pinned post on the home page with links to three channels of content which I call Exploring, Engaging and Exercising.

The posts for these channels have public tags (no #) of ‘exploring’, ‘engaging’ and ‘exercising’ respectively (no quotes obviously). They also carry the public tag of ‘post’.

I have copied the links to the tag pages for these tags and entered them in my links. Carefully. And again. They all return ‘404’.

I’m sure there’s something obvious I have overlooked. But quite unsure what it is!

The domain is

That URL doesn’t seem to work so I can’t see your site to look at what the problem might be. Could you share again?

Ghost automatically creates tag archives for your tags, like this:

This is the default URL structure for a tag archive, unless you have changed the taxonomy in your routes.yaml file.

Kym, thanks for your response. My mistake (late night post) –

I haven’t changed the YAML and the tag archives I used followed the structure above – copied from the actual tag detail.

Thanks. I took a look and I spotted a few issues that should be easy to fix:

  1. On your Three tracks post, the links to the tag archives aren’t correct, this is why they don’t work:

Make sure you enter the full and correct URL for each link, e.g.

  1. Each tag archive only has 1 post in it. It looks like the rest of your content is not tagged yet.

  2. It looks like you’re using a tag of post as your primary tag (the first tag you added to the post). Is there a reason for this?

Your theme shows the primary tag on the post itself as shown above. It might be a nicer reader experience to have the primary tag be the topic (exploring, exercising, engaging.

Thanks for your further response.

Got them working now by adding ‘https://’ to the URL. (For the benefit of others, the tag detail gives the link as just the www. version – the https:// has to be added for it to work.)

Re #2, yes only one post per archive at present (to prove the method first)

Re #3, I understood it was correct Ghost practice to have ‘post’ as the first tag on any post? I read it somewhere… I would be glad to have further advice on this point, mindful of your comment about delivering the best reader experience.

Thanks again for helping me to resolve this, Ian Greig

There’s no need to add “post” as a tag.

I like to add whatever the post is most about as the first tag. Depending on your theme, the first or primary tag may also play a special role in showing related content to visitors.

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As @TheRoyalFig said, this isn’t required :)

Using the topic (e.g. exploring or engaging) as the primary tag is very common, and it also helps the reader to identify with the page they’re currently on and what they’re reading.