Helper for new public preview content

Ghost version 4.0.1

Is there any helper for the newly added “Public Preview” card in the editor.
I mean, in the theme can I use something like this?

{{#if access}}
    {{ the_helper_i_am_looking_for}}
    {{!--this following helper shows a custom cta instead of default cta --}}
    {{> upgrade-membership-plan-cta}}

My main use case is I want to use custom cta below the preview content instead of the default content which automatically shows by {{content}} helper to non member visitors below the preview content.

Please ask anything you need to know to give answer.

Hi @GBJsolution,

It’s working for me:

{{#if access}}
    {{> cta}}

Hi @fueko,
Thank you very much, I have tested and it’s working :smiley:

Great :slight_smile: I’m glad I could help you out.

Hi, I just update Dawn theme in order to have this fonction but it didn’t work.
Everybody knows why the Public Preview don’t work with Dawn theme?

Bug, fixed on March 22nd, requires update.

Ok thanks for the information