Edition Theme not compatible with Ghost 4.0?

Hi, I’m trying to use the Edition theme. I presumed this was designed by Ghost, so would be compatible with 4.0 but it seems the public previews feature does not work. It does nothing at all. Will this theme be updated, or should I use another?


The public preview feature is not theme dependent so the problem shouldn’t be related to Edition. Can you explain what you are expecting the feature to do and how exactly it’s not working?

That’s weird. I thought it was supposed to hide some of the content from members who are just visiting your site and aren’t subscribed, free or otherwise?

If a post’s access level is set to members-only then the public preview card will hide any content after that card from non-logged-in visitors. If the post’s access level is set to public then the card won’t have any effect.

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Of course, what a silly oversight of mine. Thanks, Kevin. That makes absolute sense.