Solo Theme - update the Subscribe button bottom right


I am trying hard for the past few days to find how to manage the Subscribe button that appears on the bottom right of the screen, on all pages when user is not a member. Themes like Liebling or Casper have definite .hbs elements that deal with it, but the Solo theme does not, at least from what I can tell. I have tried the following:

  1. Update the button by doing custom JS in the defaults.hbs that should be finding the button class and injecting new content with:
 var subscribeButton = document.querySelector('.gh-portal-triggerbtn-label');
 subscribeButton.textContent = 'Join Us'; // Change 'Join Us' to any desired text

This does not work as the button itself comes into some sort of an iframe.

  1. Add custom locales/bg.json file that should override the string in there. However, I cannot find the handlebars elements to add the {{ t }} part so that it reads from it.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I will need to both change the string of the button as well as the link logic ( add custom href=… value )

That’s the portal button, which you configure at /ghost > settings (the gear icon) > portal

@Cathy_Sarisky beat me to it!

Yep, you can adjust or hide it in your settings:

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Thanks ! This worked in terms of updating the visuals of the button.

What is the way to update the logic of the button itself ? Ideally, I will not need the real membership functionality, I would like to link the button to a third party Newsletter service to collect visitor emails for campaigns.

If you need it to link somewhere else, you need a replacement for that button.

Makes sense. My question is - how to locate the source code that controls this button ? Or any admin-level controls ? When inspecting the rendered page HTML all the classes that come with this element do not appear as strings when searching through the theme files…

Edit: Probably this topic answers my question: Replace the portal URL to take signups off site? - Memberships & subscriptions - Ghost Forum . However, if anyone feels that additional pieces of information will be helpful, please post them here. Thanks in advance.

You can turn the portal button off - see /ghost > settings (gear) > portal - I think it’s under look and feel.

Then google “how to make a floating (or sticky) button” and see what looks good.