Hosting animations on Ghost?

I’m looking to host some animations like the one below:

The problem with animated gif is that browsers don’t let you rewind animation.

Natural solution is to it to video, but Ghost Pro doesn’t allow me to host videos, and I don’t want to rely on external service. Also, using YouTube card for a 2MB animated diagram is an awkward user experience.

Is there some workaround to allow me to host small videos in default editor? Any other tips are appreciated.

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In case this is informative… (I understand you don’t want to rely on external services, but Cloudinary has some helpful articles that might point in some useful directions which we can also implement natively in Ghost) …


Thanks, I’ll check it out. External service could be OK if it gives a nice user experience

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BTW, I noticed that animated .gif in my post already has “stop” and “play” controls. What kind of sorcery is this?

If I find a way to add an extra control to rewind that’s essentially what I needed

The play/stop button is a feature of Discourse, which is used to host the Ghost Community forum. Not sure how they do it.

Here are some neat implementations using just CSS and JS which you could use in your Ghost site Code Injections – then create an HTML Snippet in the Ghost editor to re-use with the animated gifs you natively upload in your posts and galleries in Ghost:

You can try Canvid: GitHub - gka/canvid: tiny js library for playing video on canvas elements (without audio)

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