Hosting behind reverse proxy - Image and Social share links v>1.0


I have migrated my blog to latest ghost version on DO ghost image, I serve from /blog under my main site, with my main site acting as a reverse proxy, here is the blog:

The article links and images are working fine, however the social share and the links in the footer e.g ‘Latest Posts’ point to the blog subdomain I use for the hosting rather than the www canonical site.

I remember I needed to change some config when I had a 0.9 version, but I also remember getting into a redirection loop and stuffing it up and cannot find any recent advice on web.

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Did you follow the DO guide for setting up? It’s here:

It sounds like you possibly haven’t run ghost setup yet.


Hi, sorry I should have mentioned that before. Yes I followed that, however I set url to point at the subdomain to get things mostly working.

I thought I would be able to run ghost setup again and change url from to…so I tried that, being sure to say no to doing nginx config…but it still broke it (I took a snapshot first and rollback).

There must be other things that ghost setup does that break it, I just need to change ONLY the blog url.


Ok so I’m concluding that you’ve already changed your nginx setup?

To only change your url you can run ghost config url <your url here> .
This will only change the config, you’ll need to run ghost restart to apply the change.

I’ve updated the docs for ghost config to hopefully make how this works a bit clearer.


Awesome, that’s all I needed, it works now. Thanks!


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