How are you using Internal Tags?

Hi, I don’t use internal tags in Ghost. I didn’t even notice it much before. I am wondering whats the best practice and how others are using internal tags?

Is it good for internal searching and organising content for admin use? I am looking to develop a site with a lot of content. And I am wondering if internal tags would be useful in helping me find my posts quickly when I do searches inside the site from admin panel?

Thoughts, ideas and suggestions welcome.

Thank you.

Internal tags are a good tool for organization when you don’t want the tag exposed publicly or a tag archive created.

I would say most of the time that public tags are usually sufficient for organization, especially for creating custom views in Ghost Admin.

Two places where I’ve used internal tags:

  • For multilanguage sites - to tag content with its language (#es)
  • For geocoding posts to plot on a map (#geoLatxLong)

But I’m curious to know how other people are using them!


I think you are right. I think I may use it the same way. At least until I figure out other uses for it. Thank you.

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I use a few to help filter posts in admin, e.g., #video, #table etc. This is useful if I want to make changes posts containing these items.

I also have #announcement which places these posts in a drop-down on the site header.


@mjw that sounds quite helpful, could you please explain how you are implementing the drop-down on the site header using Internal Tags?

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Why do you add hash before the keyword name? I have seen other people do that as well. Why is that? Also, when you enter keyword into the internal tag or even external tag, is there any benefit to using hash? I think I saw a theme developer use it for colours once. I wasn’t sure the reason.


This denotes an internal tag.

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This is a feature of the theme I use.

We use them to categorize articles. In addition to tags, internal tags help us group tags. Ex: Categorías de Omniscientia

We also use internal tags to mark articles for a predetermined action, such as displaying a notice for photosensitive images. Ex: Ondas la verdad que no sabias.

I’m sorry since the site is only in Spanish but I’m sure it’s easy for you to see how we’ve used it.

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This is the first time I’ve seen a “Save as View…” button. :open_mouth: Is this a new feature or a feature that has been removed?

I’m currently using Ghost v.4.44.0 and don’t have this button… :frowning:

Hmm, I just saw the button on my instance! :joy: Sorry for the notification! :wink:

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I use internal tag for fan-out my publications to different destinations.
I have plugin for publishing posts to the Telegram Channels. Using internal tags I can route post to the different channels.

Also I have different sections on my blog based on internal tag.

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