How are you using tags?

After years of using software with both categories and tags, I love the simplicity of Ghosts tagging system.

Just out of curiosity, how are you using tags with Ghost? Are you trying to stick to a fixed set of tags or do you just add them as you go along?

I think we should use just few set of tags in our blog as like category. Normally in other CMS we use few category and there may have optional tags but in Ghost blogging platform, tag basically acting as Category so personally i try to use it as a Fixed set of tags.

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I also intend to use a few select tags…but that’s just how I choose to write them. Maybe 4 main tags (will go first to be priority tags), then the rest for taxonomy reasons.

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I use the internal tags (aka the ones with hashtags) to change the layout of posts on the front page and on the site page itself. This screenshot from my front page differentiates the two. Articles with the “#blurb” tag use static images, have slight text changes, and have small text tags on top; articles without use animated GIFs and are more red in color.


The pages with “#blurb” are more stripped-down in style as well, using a gray background, rather than white.

I used somewhat similar approaches back when I was using Tumblr for my main outlet.

The benefit of the internal tags is that I can still use regular tags for contextual/SEO reasons, while the internal tags are strictly focused on organization and navigation.

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