How can I add an image between two paragraph without breaking a numbered list?

Hi, I am facing a program in editing my article in Ghost.

I am trying to add an image between two paragraphs which are numbered list
But Numbered lists break the moment I add an image and the next paragraph also turns to as 1.

I read an article and I leant I can do this with Markdown but I don’ get it yet it was not included detaild how-to…

Can anyone help me thank you

@Hisami_Matsubara If your problem is not knowing how to create a markdown card you can see how to do so on the “Using the dynamic menu” portion of Ghost’s Using the Editor page:

With that in mind, you create the first portion of your list as normal, then insert the image after that, then after the image create a markdown card and start off your list with whichever number you want to continue from.