How can I add the content of a page into a custom theme page

Hello there, and thanks to you all in advance.

Im new to Ghost, so sorry if this is an easy question.

I have custom pages, and I can link them correctly but I need to be able to display the content I created inside the page from my admin panel.

For now its either the custom static template or the page content (from ghost admin panel) whats being shows inside {{{body}}} of the default.hbs.

Its there a way to introduce the content created in the page section from the admin panel inside a custom page???

Thanke you

Hey @tomasyaya :wave:
I’d highly recommend you check out this tutorial we created on how to create custom templates in Ghost:

Also a good thing to check out is our extensive Handlebars documentation:

Sorry very much about not thanking you.
I did resolve it, thats way I didn’t came back.
Thanks for the info!!

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Hi @DavidDarnes ,
Do you know if the editor, for inserting content, in this case HTML, can be customized?


Could you provide a more clear explanation? :slight_smile:
If you mean adding HTML to the editor, that can be done with the HTML card. Type /HTML and hit enter :boom:

@DavidDarnes thanks for the quick response!

Ultimately we want to insert a React component if possible.

If not, be able to add at once a custom html pre uploaded.

Im saying, in the editor, such as the html button, one for my custom html or react component, that will insert it and let me fill the content of it.

For example, if I want my marketing person to add a “card” html, he/she will click card, and the html sKeleton for it will be shown in the post for he/her to complete.

Sorry if im not able to express clearer